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ShrimpinhandMinnesota, YES that is where it can reach 20 below zero or more in the winter and YES we raise saltwater shrimp there!

Our humble journey began back in 2011

When construction business became too slow, Chad started brainstorming about an entrepreneurial career.  Chad has a wide ranging background  from construction and carpentry, to masonry, to sales, and even auto mechanics.  It seemed he could try his hand at just about anything.  So what did his researching bring him to?  Raising shrimp in the frozen tundra of Southeastern Minnesota, fifteen hundred miles from the nearest ocean of all things!  Why not?  He had the perfect building to hold tanks and the perfect location right on the highway, 14 miles from Rochester.

Chad started transforming his pole barn into a shrimp barn in 2012.  Concrete had to be poured, insulation sprayed, new electrical and plumbing added and Laura’s dusty collection of antiques had to find a new home.  The shrimp barn was ready for shrimp in January 2013 when the first batch of PLs (post larvae) was brought in.  Our doors were opened for the first sale in May 2013, and the entire first batch was sold!

Currently, Laura works as a nurse for Mayo Clinic.  She plans to continue working full time until more help is needed on the shrimp farm.  Camryn is the oldest child in the Axley clan.  She is a very artistic girl who likes to design marketing ideas for the shrimp farm.  Hunter is their son who is very active and good at mechanical engineering ideas for Northern Tide.  He likes to think outside the box!

AboutusOur mission is to educate the community and beyond with the knowledge of our wonderfully fresh shrimp and what locally raised products can do for our economy, and to share a delicious and nutritious product with you.  Freshness is the difference!